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Life In Existence

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Life, is a state of existence, in living creatures, denoted by their ability to breathe, grow, produce etc, as can be found, in all living things, e.g. birds, animals, fishes, trees, human beings etc, but rather non-existent, in all non-living things, e.g. landscapes, clouds, rocks, rivers etc.

Life, in a broader scope, could feature, and determine, like how many, as well as, the abundant species, which have dominated great expanses on the Earth, most especially the human beings, or the prominent man.

The composition of materials, originating from the effects, and states of matter, can decompose, change, or shift the balance of nature, in the environment, over experiencing long periods of time, and aging, which culminated into backgrounds, in the humanity, while the galaxical formation, e.g. sun, moon, and stars, emerge in prevalence to the change, subsistence, and existence, in the life parameters, result to conditions typically-characteristic of the living, and non-living things, on Earth, as they could have, pre-occupied the planet.

Considering an Astronomical bearing: The partitioning of angular position, in a sun ray, change the axis, in regions of the World, causing a gradual tilting, in the surface, that alternates a north and south dimension, into the hemispheres, and apparent dislocations in light, or dark conditions, and emergence in all the categories, with man, and other forms of life, in their eminence.

A basis in the human existence of man, and life on Earth, is a notion, prominent in his activity, with a gradual, but progressive attention, in his development, which adds a total existence, and survival, in the World, with constant, and continous change, to the current state, in his disposition.

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