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Turbulence In Humans

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 5:25 AM
Turbulence, is a situation of a sudden change, disagreement, or violence, which more or less, describe the manifestation, or aggregate, in the human being, as the way of life, and sensibly, the beliefs. In the mean time, due to ways of life, and perceptions of outcome, it is often similar to the action of humans, which is prone to imminent change, from how they set hands on life, and experience reasonable advent, within the lifetime. That is to say, life at first brings turbulent situations, from inner passion, and sole existence, and probably a consequence to fiefdom, but subdues with the experience, and relationship, thus, having a renewed strength for an optimum survival, in the homelands of origin. A positive end, may seek adventures to the life outcome, but can bring standards, to stepping to achieve the goals, of outstanding targets, which refers to the idea of origin, and potentiality, in the viable human being. I think, turbulent situations form a habit, and dependence, and can only be checked in the rarest, or exceptional times, with probable advocates, and controls, as a situation is perceived. Thanks, for reading my post.

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