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Adaptation To Change

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 10:05 AM
In the natural environment, ever present on Earth, the human being, or man, has the dominance over other species, that was the creation of God, including animals, birds, fishes etc. Predominant creatures get accustomed to environmental factor, such as, weather, vegetation, relief etc, but will adapt to imminent change, such as, temperature (high or low), water level (wet or dry), predator (presence of dangerous specie), isolation (decreasing population) etc. As people depend on environments, since the early man, this could effect in change, from nature of atmosphere, land, or water, as potential in Earth, and factor to change the possible, in human beings, which now becomes the features of adaptation to man. In modernity, people want to live comfortably, on resources of environment, but being non-refuted, in their reinforcement to weak, or strong bar, in this environment. Thank you, for reading my post.

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