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Landscape of potential Degradation

Posted on October 1, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Formation of physical feature of the landmasses on earth is a primary activity of the agent of nature.
Degradation or accumulation of the topsoil layer is gradually accentuated by activities of the natural agent, such as, rainfall, sun, cloud, wind etc. Directional movement by any strong force on the earth surface will create the weathering effect, that results in the fall or rise of natural landscape. This phenomena is actualized over a long perod of time and usually the ages of humankind generation.
Effect of the weathering process on surface of the earth is energized by the variation of temperature and human activity. This include the peoples' livelihood, farming, reservation etc.
Prolonged condition of rain, temperature, and environmental hazard will create an adverse landform, structure and variable.
Features are eventually modified along stages of the earths' weathering as an original landform or the physical landscape.
Great or ancient landscape usually contribute to the human livelihood. People will create their settlement, farmland, wildlife, and safety, on the landscape environment.
Highland feature, such as mountain or hill is gradually being reduced through various adventures of the natural environment by nature and people.

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