Gboyega Ogunmola Writer

Writer for Personality Literature


I kept up with those things that are interesting to me, but, I chose a particular idea that has a bearing on my current activity as my interest, on many occasions.

My earlier interest was reading publications, such as, magazines, novels, and the others in that range.

I later on, started participating with the social platform beginning by sending my tweet, @Twitter, then with like, @Facebook, and afterwards joining many others. I soon, published on the blog, @WordPress, and then, I went on to create a personal website, @WebStartToday, to add to this site.

I really chose, to engage with the business entrepreneurship group in most platform of the social media, and I could say, I truly had some good reasons to appreciate my choice up to this time.

I sincerely, appreciate all my well wishers on the referenced-sites, and also, extend my gratitude to the members, as well.

I hereby, wish all people a happy and commendable experience on my website.

I welcome all people.


I was born in Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria, on 4th November, 1961. 

I lived my early years in my hometown, Oyo.

I was born into a christian family where I had a mixture of the beliefs of life with my later years in the school setting.

I grew up, to become a solid admirer of keeping a hopeful mind on many transparent ideas, but, these changed along the way, over the years.

I had a childhood still in my memories and a school education which gave me a solid approval in a good job.

I later on, grew up to be in a position to cater for myself and my little children amidst a change of family relationship, academic environment and a gradual working relationship, in a while.

I now have a wife and five children in my family with many relationships in my hometown, Oyo, where I currently live and still work.

I give, my regard to all good living fellows and those having the challenge in the activities of the website, so far. 

I also, extend my appreciation to the hosting platform,, and all well-meaning individuals, less to say, those who admire my interests.

I appreciate all people.


I attended school with my education starting from the nursery school and running through the primary, secondary, college and finally the university.

I started schooling when I was still young, but, I escalated through the stages of the academic grade till I passed out of the secondary school with good grade.  But, I had a slower education at my college stage while having studied education and the teaching practice, I continued to practice with the lot I had gained.

I taught at a secondary school for many years and became professionally experienced in the teaching profession. I could cope with many school activities  and attributed my teaching with the instructional practice.

I finally, gained a course admission to a university where I studied the relative field: Guidance & Counseling, with the teaching of the subject, Geography, in 2007.

My experience at the higher level of my education was tailored to give a solid bearing on the key factor of counseling, and nurturing the erring, needy, ill fated children, who require some help to cope with life in the school environment, and also, teaching the aspects of Geography.

I had a mean appreciation of those efforts in the working environment which is still a secondary school where I became engaged with the new skill, on a more extensive scale.

I give my gratitude, to all the good people who have contributed to this successful journey, till this present moment.

Thank you all.