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I am Adegboyega Ogunmola. This website is my first endowment. I wanted to write my ideas for the public audience. 
In fact, I wanted everyone to read my articles. I think, writing literature on personality will provide everyone with the opportunity to solve their problem. Thereby, they can enjoy easier life. I named the website:
Gboyega Ogunmola Writer.
I believed in self-publishing on the social media network. Then, I chose to focus on:
Lifestyle & Beliefs.
I had some  technological limits. And, I played certain social roles. Afterwards, I decided to go:
Since then, I have undergone outstanding improvement. I have  overcome my limitations. Without further challenge, I gained more exposure. Bidding to alleviate this concensus brought certain consequences. The changes become imminent in my social and personal life.
I extended the writer complex into series of related activity. I wanted to show my talent to all people. I thought people will have concern, with any kind of  merit or probably an advantage. In return, they will show their interest and appreciation.
I congratulate all people. I thank those who showed their participation. Anyway, I had a benevolent endeavour through the Internet. I also appreciate everyone. I praise my online presence.
I am thanking all  the people.

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I am introducing this book to you. A Reflection of the Positive Thinker, is a good book on positive thinking. 


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My Story

I want to write my ideas for everyone

I Am A Writer

I am Adegboyega Ogunmola. I am a self-published writer. I self-published my first e-book in the year 2015. 
I did it because I wanted to write my ideas for everyone to see. Before this period of time, I was a writer and blogger on the Internet. 
I have written and published many articles for the public audience. I did this through the knowledge and experience I have gained through reading articles on the Internet.
Since that time, I published many articles on my social media timeline, blogs, and websites. I wanted to reach people. 
As I always did to everyone personally, I wanted my article to enlighten personalities, solve problems, and alleviate other concerns, that disallowed them from living as they should do . 
I believe that, the knowledge of personality will make peoples' life easier. 

Writer For Personality Literature

In the year 2015, I started self-publishing. I named myself Gboyega Ogunmola Writer. 
I received my university degree in the year 2007. I had the Bachelor of Education. I studied Guidance & Counselling.
Guidance & Counselling is a field of study in Psychology. Psychology studies the mind and behaviour. Guidance & Counselling studies why people don't behave as they should do.
I became interested in writing articles, newsletter, and e-book. I had the passion to write literature in Personality.
Personality is a sub-division of Psychology. It studies how peoples' character and behaviour develop.

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I am writing to solve personal problem. I want to reach the people who have this problem.

I will use my knowledge to solve the problems, that haven't allowed people and societies to grow and develop.